17 Aug 2016

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Five Traits of Highly Effective and Successful Online Marketers

Five Traits of Highly Effective and Successful Online Marketers

Marketing is crucial to any business, be it big or small. From being a mere function of an organization, marketing has become one of deciding factors of business success. Gone are the days when businesses used to solely rely on traditional tools of marketing such print & electronic media, telemarketing, door-to-door marketing, etc., to get the word out about their product offering. But with the advent of Internet, the role of marketing has also evolved to newer and more effective dimensions across the globe. Even businesses in countries like India, Africa and Middle Eastern states like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc., which adopted the Internet way very late, have adopted the newer ways of marketing. As a result, more avenues for marketing have opened up before businesses. To utilize these newer methods, the scope for those looking for a marketing job has widened too.

Be it the conventional or unconventional fields of marketing, the function don’t go out of demand for both business as well as job seekers. Today many students are opting for courses that will help them make a career in marketing. Even professionals with experience in some other field think of making a career shift into the marketing domain. The job is exciting and ensures career growth in no time. But it would be wrong to call marketing, an easy job. Marketing is an art and one needs to perfect it in order to become a successful marketer. In this article, we are listing five traits a successful marketer possesses. Have a look:

1. Be Fearless: 

Successful marketers are fearless. Since, it is directly concerned with getting revenue to a business, marketing as a field needs bold and creative individuals who can come up with new and unique ways of bringing more business. Off course analytics are important while making a marketing plan as well. But if you manage to catch hold of the pulse of your target audience, then it becomes easy to combine together both, creativity and analytics.

2. Do Thorough Research: 

Being fearless is important but equally important is to not make assumptions. A successful marketer backs his ideas and actions with thorough research. Before you chalk out a marketing plan, do thorough research about your target audience; understand what works for them and what doesn’t work for them.

3. Become A Great Storyteller: 

Once you have identified what your target audience needs, the next step is to convince them that your offering is the perfect solution for their need. The idea is to present your solution as the perfect solution to their problem and for that you need a great build up. Presenting your solution at a premature stage may not get you the customers for your business

4. Build Relationships: 

Highly effective marketers are the ones who have aced the art of building lasting relationship with their target audience. And this relationship can be built only when you are in touch with your target audience on a regular basis. It also needs marketers to get their target audience to admire and have faith in your business offering. Today, many businesses have taken the social media route to building relationships. This has indeed proven to be a very effective way to communicate with the customer and also helps build credibility amongst them.

5. Never Stop Learning: 

This is one of the most differentiating traits in a successful marketer. No matter how good you may be at your job, never stop seeking new ways around marketing. One of the most effective ways could be to associate with people from your field and learn from them. No two minds think alike and each and every person is blessed with a completely different way of thinking. This could help you bring about a positive effect on the way you do things. Another great way is to keep abreast with the new technologies being applied to the field of marketing and learning about them.
The marketing function is getting complex with the changing times. Even though a marketing role needs you to be on your toes, the excitement involved in the role makes it one of the most interesting functions of running a business.

About Author –Megha Raizada  is a professional writer who loves to keep a track of everything interesting happening around the globe. When not writing or browsing the Internet, you will find her creating furniture out of used tires.


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