14 Aug 2016

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5 Small Steps to Be a Core in your Organization: A Personal Perspective

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We all have this: a dream of becoming a core member of the organization we work in. However, we still believe in the myth that all the overtime work works wonders. After several years of observation and being in it, I have learned a lot about the corporate world, from the politics to the great things about it. In my opinion, allotting extra effort and time is a plus, of course, but not necessary. Here are 5 simple ways how you can climb that career ladder in a nutshell:

1. Put Organizational Goal First

Every organization becomes a mess when its employees are putting their personal agenda over the company’s goal. Each employee has his/her own roles, but the company has only one common goal and vision. An organization is a subtle but jealous girlfriend. It won’t be saying anything at first, but once it gives its ultimatum, it will definitely make or break you. As an employee, genuinely giving importance, understanding and respect to the organizational goal is already an advantage and in fact, it is giving you leverage.

2. Be little early - Always 

Always be on time – this has always been a simple command that is taught in schools when we were young and that is something that isn’t needed to be explained by rocket science, here good to you to be a little early because on time is already late. Higher management hates people who procrastinate and who are always late in going to the office. As these people also did their best to adjust to the habit of managing their time effectively, it’s also time for you to do the same – not later, not tomorrow, but now. So without putting extra effort, just put a little adjustment and finish your priorities on time.

3. Stick to Strong Work Ethics

A work ethic is a set of moral principles that a person uses in his/her job. Your career doesn’t only require you to wake up at 6 in the morning, get coffee, be in the office at 9 am, *just* finish routines and go home at 6pm. Most people in the higher position thrive in integrity, discipline, a sense of responsibility and teamwork, and definitely putting an emphasis on quality work. Remember, these people do not settle for mediocrity that’s why they are where they are now. An employee who displays a strong work ethic usually gets noticed and gets the trust of the higher management.

4. Let that Passion Burn

According to Simon Sink, the author of Start with Why, “Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.”  Usually, people measure their passion towards their job through their job titles and salary range. However it should not be the case. Once you point your perspective the other way around, definitely everything will follow.

5. Attitude > Talent

Attitude always beats talent. David has beaten Goliath. An employee who may have a skill of a god but the attitude of a trash is not needed in an organization. This is also the reason why recently, hiring managers started conducting EQ and AQ tests, which would determine if the candidate would fit in the work environment of a company.  I’ve always thought that ultimate optimism will surely bring a person a long way and the good news is, attitude is not a trait inherited through the genes. Attitude can always be learned through intensive trainings and improvement in perspectives. Always do self-assessments and practice mindfulness. Always have that Yes Attitude and be open-minded. Soon enough, your managers will take notice and who knows, you might end up training your colleagues in the future!

Being a core in an organization also come with big responsibilities. So once you reach your goal, you will also face the responsibility of keeping yourself up and delivering that quality output. Always keep your enthusiasm up and once you keep these five ways as habits, your career will eventually be on its peak in no time!

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Najeeb Abdul Rahman
Najeeb Abdul RahmanEntrepreneur, Innovator, Capital Venturer

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