13 Apr 2017

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How do you learn the Art of Listening?

If there’s a chance for a person to change an aspect in his life, he really would. However, it is not doable with a snap of a finger, since it requires an incredible amount of effort, time and commitment to make it possible. Changing a part of your life will definitely impact you months or years from now. So why not start today?

People want to change, but the big question is always “how”. In my perspective, you only have to change three things and everything; even your confidence will follow.

1)     Learn the art of listening

The art of conversation is always two-way: where two people take part in talking, and the other on listening. Learning to listen requires a lot of patience, and a person should always have a mindset that he doesn’t need to have a reply all the time. The best listener are also happens to be great advisers, and have the capacity to strengthen and provide constructive criticisms to another person. However, listening is not only about simply talking, it also comes from reading, watching public speeches, as well as interacting with like-minded people. Open-mindedness is where a great listener can start. If you are keen in hunting new knowledge, then it’s time to start opening your mind and learn to keep your mouths closed for a time being. Learning to listen also reaps great benefits! Not only you would be able to learn great things, you would also be able to practice your humility, patience and mindfulness.

2)     Words should go from one ear to the heart, not the other ear

A person cannot be considered a good listener if he isn’t taking every words spoken to his heart. Knowledge becomes valuable only if taken into thoughts and even actions. A few years ago, I read one book which I have I knew I just read but never remember and it was nothing, like words and time just passed by and it didn’t do anything to change my life. Coincidentally, after a few years of stumbling on the same book, I started to take what I read mindfully, and my life changed drastically. Everything just happened, and now, I’m different than the impatient, immature person I was before.

3)     Follow the best kind of people

Listening to others, reading great books or attending informative seminars does great deal for our knowledge bank. It might be the politically correct ones, so we will know what is the right thing to do; it may be the wrong, so we would know what to avoid ourselves of becoming; as well as to understand what we need or not. The question is, who to follow. Follow the best people, read the most inspiring authors, create a habit of listening to people who talk sensible things where your interests meet. Old habits do really die hard, but the habit of listening is one of the best habits to learn.

Start these steps with baby steps until they become a great leap. It will teach you to realize dreams and take courage to initiate, to be more mindful and gain an immeasurable amount of patience. At first, listening is a bothersome task, as most people are always ready for a reply. However, by trying to differ yourself by listening to them, who knows, you might change their lives too.

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