2 May 2016

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Success strategies for fast growth firms

A company is a lot more than wood, cement and concrete. It is indeed a collection of promises, goals, intellect and strategies. A firm is most likely to succeed if it has the most talented and intellectual workforce. An efficient employee is a much better option than a committed one. Employees who work for the betterment of their organization know that they will equally be benefited if the firm prospers!
When we talk of mind control to achieve desired results, the first thing that gets into our mind is: How to achieve the objectives? There is one word answer to this question- strategy. It is the method through which an individual decides to hit the particular target. A company will never be able to make profits on the whole if there is no “performance management”. Basically that means that management ensures that employees work so as to achieve the goals of the firm. If their performance is not as per the standards, success will be a forgotten story.

We see on the internet, a huge bundle of advices and suggestions regarding the methods companies may employ to improve worker’s efficiency, but ta-da we will discuss the opposite here. Let us see from the employee perspective all those measures that can be taken to make the company lucrative:

1.       MAKE UP TEAMS:
 It is obvious that a detached workforce can never make up the best one. Employees shall not be aliens to each other; they shall make sure they are tied by the element of loyalty and commitment. Their efforts will give the most astounding results if they work in teams. These days, flatter organizations are more into fashion, the “max Weber’ bureaucratic structures have long faded away.

This can be the result of my first suggestion. On individual level even, you may come up with great ideas. But if you lack the courage and confidence to share them with the rest, your team will undoubtedly help you out. Innovations and creativity is never disliked by firms. They cherish individuals who are loaded with them. Employees may set short term, quarterly or half yearly goals to present some unique idea to the top management.

Heard of GENERAL MOTORS? These Japanese business tycoons increase profits by not raising the selling price, in fact by lowering the cost of production. They were the pioneers of lean manufacturing or “just in time production”. Similarly employees shall play with the cost of manufacturing. They shall devise strategies that lead to overall reduction in cost. This will automatically lead to an increment in profits.

 These are no old times, where recruitment discrimination will be a bottleneck to some brilliant candidates. Today skills and your talent is what will get you the job, not your gender, culture, religion or race. A diverse workforce is most likely to squeeze out some fresh and mind-blowing ideas. People from other cultures view problems from a different perspective and hence provide unique solutions. Employees shall ensure a healthy work environment that supports diversification.

I do get it that setting goals is not the task of employees but I will talk of this key pointer under the umbrella of MBO (management by objectives) only. This is a modern method where management sets up groups and with collaboration, assigns goals to employees. Now it is the turn of team members to assign themselves some smart, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals. They are self-aware of their own potentials. One thing that needs consideration here is that goals shall be tough and challenging but achievable too. A time efficient employee asdiscussed in this great article  is a company’s most wanted choice today.

6.       360 DEGREE EVALUATION: this is a kind of evaluation method. Basically it comes under the domain of performance appraisals. We know how important these appraisals are. 360 degree evaluation, as the name suggests is done by every other person that interacts with you at workplace. Your supervisor, the HR authority, your subordinates, colleagues and you yourself. I believe it is very necessary; appraisals shall be from all aspects. This will not only give employees a chance to improve but will also set standards for others to follow.

 When somebody makes faces while going to office early morning, does not care if the company is going in losses, hates the batch mates and is in constant struggle to somehow drop out of the firm- he/she is a waste for the company. The company is incurring useless cost keeping him/her hired. If an employee doesn’t feel like working the best way is to “resign”, nothing wrong with it, it is your right, whereas a little motivation will do wonders. When I say “own the place”, I mean act as If you were the sole proprietor.

A culture of any workplace constitutes all the norms, values and structure that it possesses. One needs to be a part of that culture to comprehend it in a better way. Take for instance the folklore and stories; these are transmitted to the fresh entrees so that they may informally learn more about the firm. So strategically, one may work to enhance the culture by taking the lead in maintaining discipline. Make sure nothing goes wrong from your end. In fact you contribute to your fullest in maintenance of it.

There is one more thing that needs to be put in limelight before I put a full stop to my discussion. Take criticism positively. Remember: you are in the phase of learning. Even if that criticism is to let you down, remember a ship will sink only if water gets inside it. Do not let the negativity creep in you. The more you improvise, the more will it be beneficial. Your self-grooming will ignite your own career growth to the maximum. It shall be your goal to work for a mutually beneficial and long term work relation.

- Caleb

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