25 Jan 2016

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10 Ways To Get More Interviews

Are you sending out CVs left, right and centre but not hearing back from anyone? Do you want to know how you can positively improve the response to your CV? Using a few simple techniques and tips you can dramatically increase your chances of getting an interview.

1) Identify 4 or 5 key achievements or key points that separate you from anyone else and include these under the relevant period of employment or a separate heading on your CV.

2) Make yourself seem open and available to talking to recruiters and hiring managers. In the closing sentence of your cover letter mention that you are happy to talk or happy to provide more information. Make sure that your contact information is up to date and clearly visible!

3) Follow up on your applications, if there is a job that you are really interested in and you don’t hear back from your application, call them or at least send a follow up email.

4) Make sure your CV is absolutely perfect. Any mistakes or a badly crafted CV could cost you multiple interviews. Why not get an expert to check your CV for free? After all a poor CV could easily cost you your next opportunity.

5) Make sure that you have enough relevant keywords in your CV, try to imagine what keywords a recruiter would use to search for someone like yourself and include different variations of certain keywords in your CV.

6) Make sure you personalise your job applications with a cover letter where possible. Hiring managers are often more likely to respond to a personal application than a generic one. Try to get the email address of the person hiring and contact them directly, they may appreciate you taking the initiative.

7) Include a professional summary at the top of your CV. A short paragraph clearly stating who you are, what you have achieved, what you can add to a company and what you would like to do.

8) Make sure your CV can be found! Register your CV onto as many relevant job boards as possible and make sure that you keep updating your CV on these sites to remain at the top of the search results.

9) Make sure your CV is in an easy to read format and a minimum size 10 legible font. Never assume that just because you can clearly understand your CV that everyone else can. Have it professionally checked and make sure.

10) Keep your job applications relevant, only apply for jobs that are within your capability. Yes aim high but be realistic, don’t waste people’s time or give them reason to automatically reject or block your applications. If you are an engineer with 2 years of experience don’t apply for an engineering manager’s job that specifies a minimum of 20. 

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