2 Sept 2015

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Employee Engagement at workplace: A Task made easy!

It’s been years ensuring an optimum level of productivity in your team. Right from the best kind of team building exercises to the best working environment, there’s so much you want to try your hands at.

However, for favorable results to step in the work arena, a thing that stands indispensable is a great deal of employee engagement in your organization. Allegiance is something that will only happen once your team feels involved with the company and the business objectives it seeks to attain. The astonishing fact is that the number of engaged employees in the global job market are dropping down by the day.

The difference to understand over here is that disengaged employees pose a greater threat to the motivation level and work productivity of the entire team. Hence, mentioned below are a few such hacks which might help you to make employee involvement in the company increase a notch higher.

Communicate as much as you can

It often happens that your employees lose the feeling of connect, once they’re only involved with the work and don’t even have the bleakest of idea about the way their daily tasks are affecting the company. Of course, they want to be a part of a compelling future with the organization, but is that possible without the proper flow of information?
For targets to remain meaningful and to motivate employees, they should be essentially tied to the vision of the organization. Let them know how does their job contribute to the big picture. Plus, don’t ever keep yourself from sharing a bad news. It might just happen that this makes them realize their worth and pushes the team further to nip targets in the bud.

Engagement Should Happen at Local and Organizational Level

Goes without saying that any change that is to happen will begin at the local work level first. However, as an employer it’s your duty to set the right tone from the top and trickle down the same amongst the workers. Try and weave maximum share of employee engagement into key responsibility areas and performance expectations.
Work with the managers in your company to identify the key barriers that hinder the same process. They are specialists in their fields and might be having the right idea about the most significant elements to work on. This way business innovation and maximization of performance delivery can also be ensured.

Foster a Supportive Work Environment

In reality all the technicalities go down the drain, if an employee cannot derive the necessary support from the surroundings he works in. However, this is a factor that cannot be easily accomplished through a single person taking initiative. Rather, it proliferates through the course of time.
You need to start with clarifying the objectives of each employee, be it any post he’s working on. Provide an insight regarding the future with the company and set objectives with all managers, making it clear that they can no longer avoid staff contact.
You can also go for one-on-one meetings with random workers to get things at a personal level. This will also help to improve the relationship between the local management and every employee.

Give Them the Flexibility They Need

It often happens that when leaders provide the flexibility to wear multiple hats and let the employees set their own path for career progression, workers come up with better deliverables. Help them with the two most urgent aspects that need some consideration, the constant alteration of professional qualifications in the field and the soft skills they need to hone. This way having the freedom to move ahead taking their own approach, they’ll feel all the more accountable for the profile they hold.

The hacks are endless to state, but the it all juices down to ensuring that the basics are right. Once you give them the right reason to stay, there’s no denying the fact that even the most disengaged of employees turn up with favorable results.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.


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