5 Aug 2015

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Is This Flying Car Company For Real?

We’ve been promised a flying car for as long as I can remember. From The Jetsons to Back To The Future, we’ve been sold this dream for years and years. Owning something that starts out on the ground and ends up flying through the air is something I want to experience before I kick the bucket.
A Woburn, Mass., based company called Terrafugia is one of the many companies trying to bring this dream to reality, and its latest model, the TF-X, would melt my brain.
The Amazing Flying Car TF-X™ | The Future Transportation!

The Amazing Flying Car TF-X™ | the future of personal transportation!Read More: http://goo.gl/o41UBsTF-X™, Terrafugia's vision for the future of personal transportation. The TF-X™ will be a four-seat, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) hybrid electric aircraft that makes flying easier and safer than ever before. #Amazing #video

Posted by Gulf Recruitments on Wednesday, 5 August 2015
The TF-X promises to:
– be a plug-in hybrid on the ground
– drive like a normal car
– have a range of over 500 miles
– fit inside a single-car garage
It’s expected to hit the market in 2021.

-By by Drew Olanoff  ( Techcruch)


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