6 Jun 2015

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Breaking Into The Aviation Industry: What Does the Employer Expect?

Since childhood you’ve dreamt about making your dreams fly high and securing employment in one of the most happening industry, true that!

With the world having reduced to the size of a mere modicum, globalization has flapped its wings in every corner of the world. So is the case with the industry indicated above- the aviation industry. Apart from getting yourself trained and certified from the best institute, there still are ample things you need to heed to, to get employed.

Yes, securing an aviation job in any corner of the world will become a cakewalk, if you start considering the things that an employer expects from you. Hence, mentioned below are a few tips that will help you regarding the same and make the process simpler.

·         You Need To Be An Initiator

No employer in the aviation sphere wants to list down things you have to do. They want to hire someone, who is a ‘self-starter’ and takes up things at his own initiative. For instance, if there are no customers to serve at a moment, an ideal candidate should utilize the time in catching up with other chores like emptying the trash cans, refilling the printer with paper, cleaning the equipment and catching up on some residual paperwork. Inculcating this habit over a period of time would surely boost your chances of getting shortlisted in any corner of the world.

·         Having High Ethical Standards With The Ability to Communicate

You will be in a business, wherein customers have to be dealt with on a regular basis. So, the most essential thing is for the recruiter to trust you with the customers. There might be instances during a purchase when it’s just you and the customer. The employer needs to believe that there’ll be no discrepancy on your part to harm the reputation of the company or put forth a negative image.
In addition to this, having secured a worthwhile offer in the aviation industry, it is also expected for you to be impeccable with your communication skills. Just to clear the air, communication here majorly comprises of you to listen willingly. Shutting up your boss and speaking up incessantly, might actually put things off. So, watch your steps carefully!

·         Being Docile Might Just Help

Aviation jobs all around the globe majorly entail the ability to obey and follow instructions accurately. Obeying all norms in this sector is crucial for the customers’ and your safety as well. Instead of ‘going around the boss’, you need to be an assistant to him. Recognize orders and execute them within the assigned time-frame.

·         Realize The Importance of ‘Team-Effort’

There’s nothing in the aviation field that can be achieved without the synchronized efforts of a team. Employers hunt candidates who work well with others for higher customer satisfaction and increased level of performance efficiency. Checking ego at the door, is the first thing to be ensured!

·         Impeccable Analytical Skills

Spotting and solving problems is a dire essential that every aviation professional deals with on a daily basis. Having critical thinking capabilities shows that you have a state of mind to map problems and are willing to design a solution for the same. Situations in the field arise out of suddenness, hence efficient reflexes are indispensable. 

·         Staying Within The Confines

A multitude of aviation jobs require a ‘scope of expertise’ or ‘special licensing requirements’. This entails the specific tasks that a person within a particular space in aviation industry can perform. Hence, it’s imperative for you to know your scope and perform all actions within the legal boundations. In case there’s a doubt, consulting the applicable FAR's might be a worthwhile idea.

To summarize-it’s just the above tips you need to keep in mind and scoring a job would become a child’s play. Patience and hard work sure do pay-off!

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the emirates job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.


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