26 Feb 2015

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Job Hunting Is Your Job!

There are many aspects of a job search that many people dislike… and so don’t do. Unfortunately, that often results in a very prolonged job search, creating a lot of stress and frustration.
Most people have heard the cliche that a job search is a full-time job in itself, however, very few people treat it that way.
Once the mental commitment is made to view, and treat the search as a job, the process becomes more productive.
Consider these points…

Any job requires some unpleasant tasks

While it’s a nice fantasy to think about the job you land as a blissful experience of going from one fun and exciting task to the next… the reality is that ANY job includes some things that are less than “’fulfilling”. Yet, you do them because it’s part of the expectation from your employer, and a required part to accomplish the ultimate objectives. The same is true in a job search. While getting an offer letter may be the exciting part… there are several necessary steps to take to get to that stage.

Most jobs require a schedule

There are expectations and requirements in most jobs to be at the place of work, or to be engaged in certain activities during certain hours and for a required number of hours per week. Most job seekers, however, have no schedule for their day or week and drift from one task, to down time, to extra-curricular activities, to another task throughout their day. Setting, and adhering to a schedule makes the job search far more productive and shortens it’s duration.

Jobs have required “output”

Typically, jobs have set expectations of completed tasks or achieved results. Setting daily and weekly goals for new connections, leads, meetings, and phone calls for yourself just as an employer may have goals for your work each day will produce greater results.

Doing your “job” well, improves your attitude!

The best thing anyone can do for their attitude is to do the things they know they ought to do. Working hard at doing the tasks required for an effective job search can be a great way to maintain a positive mental attitude during your search. Regardless of results… getting to the end of the day or end of the week and honestly being able to say you did the things you should have been doing will help reduce stress and put things in proper perspective.
Conversely, getting to the end of the day or end of the week and realizing you didn’t execute on a great number of tasks you should have done leaves you defeated, self-critical, discouraged, and frustrated. Do what you know you ought to do!

The more you treat your job search in a disciplined way, as you would a full-time job, the better your attitude, and your results will be!

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About the Author:

Harry Urschel
Harry Urschel is an Executive Recruiter, Job Search Coach, and Writer in the Minneapolis area with over 25 years of career development experience. 
He’s been a Top 5 Recruiter and Leader... hiring, developing, and managing some of the highest performing teams in one of the largest international firms. 
For 10 years he worked independently in an Executive Search firm he founded, called e-Executives.
Currently, he's the Minneapolis Practice Leader for the Search Practice of Baker Tilly.    Find on Facebook


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