16 Feb 2015

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62% of firms in Qatar may hire in three months

DOHA: Some 62 percent of Qatar employers are expected to hire over the coming three months.

Civil engineers and executive assistants will be the most in demand among companies during the period, according to a survey by Bayt.com and YouGov to prepare a job index for the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.

It revealed that 44 percent of firms in Qatar are ‘definitely’ hiring in the coming three months and 52 percent looking to hire will take in up to 10 people.

About 18 percent of employers claim they will probably hire new talent, while 67 percent will either ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ hire in a year’s time.

Some 26 percent of firms will look to fill up to five positions in the next three months, while 26 percent will look to fill six to 10 positions, 72 percent of which will be for junior or middle-level executive roles.

The study also revealed that companies in Qatar will mostly hire civil engineers (19 percent), executive assistants (17), engineers (16), project managers (16), sales managers (16), and craftsmen (16).

Some 37 percent of firms in the GCC are definitely hiring after three months versus 30 percent in the Levant and 29 percent in North Africa regions.

In Mena, more organisations in the public relations or oil, gas and petrochemicals industries reported that they will definitely hire in the next three months than other industries. Most jobs in the region are expected to come from the private sector; 73 percent of respondents from multinational companies in the private sector say they will ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ hire in a year’s time, and 72 percent in large local private sector companies.

A graduate or post-graduate degree in business management is highly favoured among Mena employers. In Qatar, the most desirable qualification is engineering (35 percent), followed by administrative qualifications (25) and commerce (23).

Employers in Qatar are looking for candidates having strong communication skills in Arabic and English (58 percent), are team players (51), have good leadership skills (50), can work under pressure (49), are trustworthy (42), and experienced (42).

As for experience, employers in Qatar prefer candidates that possess managerial proficiency (49 percent), administrative expertise (34) and engineering acumen (34).

Some 64 percent of employers in the GCC, the Levant and North Africa have hired employees in the past six months compared to 76 percent in Qatar who have done the same.

According to 48 percent of Qatar respondents, the country is more attractive as a job market than any other in the region. About 16 percent of respondents in the Levant and 19 percent in North Africa claim that their country of residence is the most attractive as a job market.

Qatar respondents believe the most attractive industries – those retaining top talent – are construction (56 percent), oil, gas and petrochemicals (42), and banking/finance (26). Nearly 49 percent in Qatar also consider their current industry more attractive as a potential employer.

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